Academic Council

Adam University faculty of medicine(AUFM) has a academic council consist of 5 members under the supervision of Rector Svetlana Simbard.

The council performs following:

To determine the requirements of medical education in the light policy directions of Ministry of Education and Science and Ministry of Health of Kyrgyz Republic and also foreign medical council rules and regulations for foreign students.

To discuss ways and means to improve the standard of medical education and facilities pertaining to their respective institutions.

To lay down a general plan for the implementation of medical education policy including curriculum and syllabus for students,distribution of duties of teaching staff, school terms, vacations and also to discuss other matters connected with curriculum activities of the medical faculty.

To assist the principal in administrative matters of the school and in matters of discipline among the staff and students.

To lay down policy for awards,scholarships,fee concessions etc.

To supervise the medical research at affiliated hospitals

To help the development of school library, laboratories and medical diagnostic center

To consider any question referred to it by Government or any educational authority and report its opinion or recommendation in regard thereto.

To establish,maintain educational relationship with foreign universities for exchange of teachers,research,share new information for the development of medical faculty.