Student’s Life

Welcome to our internation students family of the Adam University Faculty of Medicine!

For productive studying at our Department needs: good memory, tenacity, endurance and of course a positive attitude!

That is why, we aim not only to study, but also plan to rest of students, taking into account their wishes. For example, we come to the mountains.

We organize the intellectual board games between schools, participate in sports competitions. Gain prizes and awards! …

In order to be a medic will need a lot of practice. At our Department has a series of “Introduction to the field”.  Already from the first year student can communicate with patients, patient poll.  Receive minimal skills on the measurement of blood pressure, heart rate. To prepare yourself to clinical disciplines!

Students learn first aid in emergency situations.

On this same course students carry out various tests on memory, thinking, attention.

Learn public speaking skills and oratorical skill!

It is from the first year laying the skills of clinical thinking!