Faculty of Medicine

Core competencies required to become highly skilled doctors.

Adam university is a higher educational institute, established in 1994 in Bishkek city the capital of Kyrgyz Republic to provide education, research and training on Business, Finance, Economics, Tourism and medicine for the transition economies of the central Asia. The mission is to promote a society in the development of market and social institutions through the training of competent personnel in different fields.

The medical school is the structural division of Adam university officially approved by the Ministry of Health and Ministry of education of Kyrgyz Republic with the license No. LD170001314. for promotion of high quality medical education and providing health diagnostic services and treatment to local population

The medicine program of Adam university is taught in English language and the duration of course is 5 years. Well-equipped training rooms with modern computers and medical training simulators and analyzers are placed at university campuses. For organization of education process, our teachers use modern software like “Simformer”, ”Webex” and “Virtumed” which are given possibilities to our students create their individual work in effective way. The medicine program has a curriculum where science and medical disciplines are highly integrated to ensure an optimum learning experience.

Training is conducted in line up with European Educational Standard which enables students to migrate to European and other universities during the study or after completion of their degree.

Our Mission

5 years MBBS/MD program is designed to teach the core competencies required to become highly skilled doctors.

The general objective of the medicine program is to train physicians who:


To diagnose patients and assign them a treatment, appropriate diagnose, and status of heath.


To provide medical assistance in a variety of situations including emergencies.


To conduct rehabilitation and therapeutic treatment for diseases of all body systems as well as after traumas, surgical operations.


To conduct various medical expertise including work capacity assessment, forensic analysis.


To work with medical equipment, tools that are used for the diagnosis and treatment of patients.


To teach students the core competencies required to become highly skilled doctors.


Enhance the awareness of society of the importance of measures of health promotion and disease prevention.


Wish to contribute by their activities to the development of medicine as a field as well as medical science.


Are able to provide medical assistance of high quality corresponding to recent achievements in medicine and high ethical standards.

After graduation students can pursue a wide variety of careers internationally. Students have an opportunity to continue their education in any higher field in their home country or abroad and become doctor, specialists, doctoral level or have a job requiring a medical degree.


There are 45 study Departments in medical study and curriculum is very rich in knowledge more enough as a student needs to be become a qualified doctor.

Duration of Courses

5 Years MBBS/MD in english medium.

Academic calendar

Teaching Staff

Our teachers are wholly committed to imparting education and students have the benefit of their expertise and knowledge every single day,right through the year.A large number of our teachers have terminal qualifications and graduated from Russia,Europe,Uk and America.Every years teachers are also invited from European countries and from countries like India,Pakistan,Bangladesh,Nepal on agreement basis to deliver lectures for one or 2 months period.This enhance the knowledge of students that make them easy to pass their medical council exams in their home countries after graduation.

Our teaching staff are highly professional,among them there are professor doctors,doctors of medical science,candidates of medical science,doctors of biological science and pedagogical science who have significant experience on their areas.All our teachers are fluent in English Language.

In National Hospital there are 160 number of staff and among them there are 6 professor doctors,36 candidates of medical science and 118 doctor of science including 41 with highest qualification category.

In Chui Hospital there are 30 doctors and more than 10 candidates and doctors of science. Our university is in step with times.we conduct online lectures with participation of leading specialists in various fields of medicine from universities in moscow,europe,pakistan,bangladesh,india and some other countries. For September 2018 is scheduled to lecture by Savostikova Marina Vladimirovna. This is a good opportunity for professionals to increase their knowledge, and for students to learn the basics of Biological science and microscopic anatomy. 

Marina Vladimirovna is Candidate of medical Sciences and head of the laboratory of clinical Cytology of the fsbu”. N. N. Blokhin” the Ministry of health. Vice-President of the Association of Oncopathologies. She is author of 143 scientific papers, 8 of them abroad, 8 textbooks for physicians, 37 presentations at scientific conferences. She is author of the “Atlas of cytologic and immunocytochemical diagnosis of tumors” 2010 Leading specialist in the field of standard and fluorescent immunocytochemistry, liquid-based Cytology and cell-block techniques.

Above all,we have great staff-student relations as we understand that the care and support of our students is our first priority.

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