2 Days Extensive Workshop on Research and Scientific Publication

On the 1st Day of Research Workshop at TAMIR Centre AUSM CEO Mind Labs Tahira Hasan was the presenter. It’s an honor that ADAM University is one of the first universities in CA to start Research workshops for undergraduate Medical Students. Research has its value in career growth and it also has marks in Job Interviews for Doctors. Other than this, there is a demand for doctors have done some scientific research in their career. This knowledge will help the students to get scholarships in Postgraduation by which they will be able to do further studies on scholarship stipend. TAMIR Centre, as its name indicates is established in ADAM University to build great minds with collaboration of MIND LABS Pakistan.
Concluded 2nd and last day of Fundamentals of Research Workshop by TAMIR Centre ADAM University in Collaboration with MIND LABS (A training and career counseling firm for doctors). Today students learned how to do their own research in scientific way as writing a scientific paper called review article. The aim of this workshop is to open new gates for career and postgraduation.
Best wishes for new trainings!

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