The Department of Biomedical Disciplines of Adam University organized a scientific and practical conference "Actual problems of science: students' view" dedicated to the Day of Science of Kyrgyzstan!

The participants of the conference were young scientists and initiative students from 10 universities of Bishkek and Kant. All 164 participants prepared very interesting and relevant reports, and also showed high interest
The conference consisted of three sections, the work of these sections was moderated by doctors and teachers from all universities 
At the end of the event, students received nice prizes for the best reports 
Here are our winners
Adil Iqbal ADAM 1 degree
"Actual problems of science research"
Eyash Ahmed 1 degree AZMI 
"Biotechnology and Genetic engineering "
Kgma Akylbekova Ayana  
1st place «Comparative analysis of temperature changes in students of KSMU and KRSU»
ADAM 2 degree Mustafa Imran «Relevance of learning Russian for students from Pakistan in Kyrgyzstan»
Avicenna 2 degree Syed
 Nayyab Fatimah Shah Hussainy «RETA hindering pharmacological research»
IMU 2 degree Murder She
"Antibacterial activities of gold nanoparticles synthesized by citrus limonum fruit extract "
ABC 3 degree Nisha Nisha, Zai nAli 
«Role of science in Transplantation»
MMU 3rd place Tazhibaeva M
"The effect of headphones on human hearing organs"
KRSU 3 degree" Stroke rehabilitation"
2 Inayat Sofia 
3. Rayula.Aruna 5th Group

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