The Department of Morphological Disciplines and Public Health of Adam University held a competition on April 18, 2024, on normal physiology «Blood - A Mirror of Health» among second- and third-semester students

Three teams participated in the competition (Antibiotics, Hemostasis, Blood Cells), with 4 students in each team.
Participants were provided with clinical laboratory blood tests (complete blood count, detailed blood analysis, and physico-chemical properties of blood), as well as situational tasks on physiology.
The first stage consisted of a blitz quiz using the Kahoot program.
In the second stage, participants completed laboratory work.
In the third stage, they solved situational tasks.
After the competition, teams were awarded certificates and diplomas of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. The winners were:
1 «Antibiotics»
2 «Hemostasis»
3 «Blood Cells»

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